[ANN] Make-3.77 binaries for Mingw

Don Sharp Don.Sharp@dddandr.octacon.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Brendan Simon wrote:

> Mumit Khan wrote:
> > Since folks keep on asking for a recent port of Make, I built my local
> > copy of 3.77 (tiny config changes, and no source changes at all) for
> > Mingw. Completely unsupported (read: emailing me bug reports is a waste
> > of time ;-).
> >
> > ftp://ftp.xraylith.wisc.edu/pub/khan/gnu-win32/mingw32/ports/make-3.77-mingw32.zip
> >
> > I'm appending the README.make file also available from the ftp site above.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Mumit
> >
> > MAKE-3.77 for Mingw
> > Sun Aug  8 19:15:38 CDT 1999
> snip ...

> I'm a bit concerned about how bug free MAKE-3.77 is.  The mainters of Enoch (Pentium
> optimized linux distribution. http://enoch.masslinux.com/ ) claim that they had heaps
> of problems with make-3.77.  When they rolled back to 3.76.x, all things built fine.
> This was mentioned on there web page for the pending 0.7 release of Enoch, but has
> since dissappeared now that 0.7 has been released.
> I'm not sure how much to read into this for cygwin users, but I imagine that most of
> the problems would also be present for cygwin users.  Just thought that I would
> mention it and if any one else has any versions of make that they recommend or not
> recommend then please let the list know.
> Brendan Simon.
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I had previously mentioned a problem with make 3.77 on this list, repeated below
in case you missed it

I am currently trying to isolate a test case (on Sun Solaris 2.6) to demonstrate a bug
(in 3.77) which takes the form of showing the right set of commands to
execute when you do a

make -n target

without the -n it then tries a build of the dependencies using the
built-in rules, overriding any rules in the Makefile, even if the
dependencies don't need to be re-built.

The main point of interest is that the target must be specified within a
Make variable like

TARGET = me target


        throw $@ and son out of the bar at midnight

and you do a

make me

for instance.


Don Sharp

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