How do I install man files.

John Wiersba
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

It's probably simplest to get the groff and man packages from and
install them.  Then unpack your man pages into the standard places like
/usr/man and /usr/local/man.  Then, after things are mostly working, you can
consider twiddling your man.conf (in /usr/local/lib).

I don't think you want to store your man pages on a random place on your
hard disk.  Store them where unix/cygwin expects them and avoid a lot of

/usr/man/man1, /usr/man/man3, ..., /usr/local/man/man1, ... are the
directories where the unformatted (raw) man pages are stored.  Do a "man
man" once you've installed everything for some more info.

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> Subject: RE: How do I install man files.
> >> How should I install these man files, so that man.exe from 
> >> the Free Software Foundation can find them?
> >
> >Where would you like to keep them?  
> Anywhere would be okay. How about
> //d/cygman
> The d drive is my biggest drive and so I like to put as much 
> stuff here as I can.
> >
> >The cygwin install places the man source files in
> >cygwinb20\full-man\man\man1/2/3/5 in their raw nroff
> >source format.  
> Pardon the newbie question, but what is
> cygwinb20\full-man\man\man1/2/3/5
> Aren't /2/3/5 interperated as 235 because / is the escape 
> character? I don't understand the syntax of this path. 
> Also, the man files aren't included as part of the full 
> install. They come in man-full.tar.bz2, and must be installed 
> seperately. The instructions for installing the man files are 
> conspicuously missing.
> I guessed the commands for installation were:
> cd //d/cygwin.fttp
> bunzip2 full-man.tar.bz2
> tar xvf fullman.tar
> Note, //d/cygwin.fttp is where all of my downloads are.
> From my previous results I am guessing I need to do something 
> simular like:
> cd //d
> mkdir cygman
> cd cygman
> tar xvf //d/cywin.fttp/fullman.tar
> Also what is cygwinb20? Is it:
> //d/cygnus/cygwin-b20
> It must be, I just want to be sure, because this environment 
> is still new to me.
> > I don't believe the man command will grok
> >them as is -- you'll need to get groff and process them
> >first, then use man on them.  As delivered, they are full
> >of nroff formatting code that man doesn't interpret.  It
> >expects that stuff to have been translated already.
> >
> I have a version of groff.exe in my FSF distribution. What 
> syntax should I use to groff the files?
> >Once you've run groff on them, you should be able to use
> >man to display them.  
> Don't I need to tell man where to look for them by setting an 
> environment variable or something? I can't expect man.exe to 
> search my whole computer can I?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Clark Sims
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