Cursors do not work in bash under Win98

Michael Weiser
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Hello Chris, you wrote:
>>I'd love to do so if someone pointed me to some useful resource.
>>Or do you just mean some paragraph mentioning, that this is a known
>>issue and even you don't have an idea how to work around it? That
>>wouldn't be much of a problem.
>I was under the impression that others had worked around this problem.
>Since Cygwin does little besides notice that a specific key is hit, I
>don't understand why there is a problem.
I'd be glad to give you a hint if I could. But aside from just
fiddling with the problem I'm reading every word said on that thread
and will of course let you know about any information I gain.
bye, Michael

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