vtk question

Yong Wang wang1@cis.uab.edu
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

I want to compile some VTK programs using Cygwin (on NT 4.0). The problem is I 
don't have the proper library file --- libvtkdll.a. From the mailing archive, I
found some instruction to make it:

%impdef vtkdll.dll >vtkdll.def

%dlltool --dllname vtkdll.dll --def vtkdll.def --output-lib libvtkdll.a -k

I can get vtkdll.def and libvtkdll.a.

By when I link it with my program ( using "-lvtkdll"), I got lots of error 
messages about "undefined reference .....". It seems that it was not really 

I've looked in FAQ and archive I can find but there are no explicit instructions 
on how to solve this. Can anyone give me some help on this?

Thank you so much.

Yong Wang

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