Newbie questions

Michael Hirmke
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Hi Clark,

>1) is there a way to make a case insensitive file mask?

put the following line into your .bashrc:

shopt -s nocaseglob

>2) How does bash search for commands? I am used to DOS/
>Windozs programming, where the dos command prompt
>searches the path. When I am running bash however,

It is nearly the same in bash, besides it doesn't
search the current directory unless you tel it to do so.
You have an environment variable named PATH (upper case!),
whose elements are separated by ":" instead of ";" as in
DOS. Each element represents a directory, which is searched
for executables.

>3) I would like to use cp to keep source files in
>time. Is there a way to make the timestamps match?

touch //d/*

>Thanks in Advance,
>Clark Sims

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