Seg fault in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

James Stern <> writes:
> This is the latest chapter in my struggle with Windows
> DLLs.
> I combined the advice of Mumit Khan (use dllwrap) with
> that of Paul Sokolovsky (link your static libraries
> into one DLL), with the result that I can finally
> build a DLL.  My thanks to both of you.
> My DLL consists of two files, static link library
> libntonly.a and "DLL proper" ntonly.dll.

fyi, the proper terminology is "import library" when
referring to libntonly.a. Helps to avoid confusion.

So far so good.

> BTW, I had to put ntonly.dll in the directory that
> holds my executables.  I couldn't get either -rpath or
> LD_RUN_PATH to work.  But never mind.  That's minor.

That's a Windows thing. Please see windows docs for info
on how the OS locates "linked" DLLs (NT and Win9x differ

> What's major is what happens when I run the program. 
> I call a function, it enters a `for' loop and I die in
> _size_of_stack_reserve__().  Anyone got an
> explanation?

It just means your code is running into bad things. That's
what a debugger is for. If by any chance you see that
the code is crashing right where you're referring to an
external variable, you'ver forgotten to mark it imported
from a DLL via __declspec(dllimport). If elsewhere, the
debugger should be able to provide a clue. Compile it
all files -g for the best debugging experience ...


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