termios control in cygwin

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

On Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 08:04:43PM -0700, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>Execute `cygcheck -s -v -r', at the end of the list you'll see where on the
>path that every cygwin1.dll is found.  Somehow, you're starting processes with
>differing versions of cygwin1.dll.  This is a big cannot do.  Chris added the
>"conflicting versions" error to prevent more serious problems.  You need to get
>rid of all but one of the cygwin1.dll files from your PATH.

I avoided suggesting running cygcheck because I thought it possible that
it wouldn't run either since it's a cygwin app.  But, if it does run
it may determine the problem.


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