(Another) newbie problem

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

Here's what I do:


Install cygwin related headers and libraries under c:\root\b20 in directories
usr/include, usr/lib, ... and install mingw32 related headers and libraries
under c:\root\mingw32 in directories usr/include, usr/lib, ... and also copy to
usr/bin any appropriate user binary; you know, bash, sh, cygwin1.dll, ls, etc. 
and put the binaries for gcc and binutils for mingw32 there also.  You'll need
to setup the GCC related environment variables such as GCC_EXEC_PREFIX, etc for
the mingw32 version of gcc to find it or just use the cygwin version of the gcc
and modify the specs file to make the -mno-cygwin the default.  

Now, in the cygnus.bat file add `sh -c 'cd usr/bin && ./umount / && ./mount
c:\\root\\mingw32 /'' for the mingw32 startup before starting bash and do the
same for the cygwin startup but instead of c:\\root\\mingw32 use c:\\root\\b20.
 Create a shortcut on your desktop for each of these naming one b20 and the
other mingw32.  Now, you've two separate environments.  One for cygwin, the
other for mingw32.

--- Jim Roy <jim@nga.com> wrote:
> Lighten up Earnie.
> A lot of us are in the same boat.  This stuf is complex.  I've
> read a lot of web pages and even got a couple of  projects to
> build and work.  Still, it's not *obvious* to me that he's mixing
> Ming32 and Cygwin.  I'm not sure I even know exactly what that means.
> ( May be why some stuf I try still doesn't work :-} ) 

It was obvious from the output of gcc -v supplied with the post.

> Are you saying that *ALL* of the libraries, header files, & build
> tools come in separate flavors, one for cygwin and one for mingw32?

All _cygwin_ related objects and libraries.  Mingw32 uses the runtime, the one
supplied by M$, and objects and libraries won't change for them.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to post any question.  Sorry if you felt that I
wasn't helpful enough earlier but this has been discussed many times before.
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