An irritated cygwin newbie

Bartlee Anderson
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

It seems to me, when you are not contributing your time gratis, or funding a
project, then
you just don't have the authority to dictate where people volunteer their time.
Maybe for the people contributing, the docs are good enough, but some feature
need or want to work on is lacking...

"Jon M. Taylor" wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, DJ Delorie wrote:
> >
> > > You have as much time as you devote to any other aspect of Cygwin.
> >
> > No, the problem is that we have to devote time to *other* projects
> > besides cygwin, within Cygnus.  Cygwin itself is just one of the many
> > things we (the win32 group) do within Cygnus, and those other things
> > tend to bring in more money, so you can imagine where the priorities
> > end up.
>         I understand that, and I had pretty much assumed that that was the
> case.  And this isn't really about Cygnus, because *some* people are spending
> *some* time on Cygwin devlopment, no?  Whoever they are, as long as they
> spend any time working on Cygwin, they should IMHO take a little more of
> whatever time they have and spend it cleaning up loose ends instead of coding
> features.  That's all I am saying.
> Jon
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