Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

"hark sng-" <passhark@hotmail.com> writes:
> I tried compiling a simple program using Ming32 and Cywin GCC, but in both i 
> get the CPP program giving me a error message saying: the -remap option is 
> no understood.

first of all, please don't send off-topic messages to cygwin-developers
list. That list, as the name suggests, is for topics on development of
Cygwin, not on various issues like 'my compiler doesn't run!'.

> i am using no "-remap" swithces when compileing.
> I type:
> gcc filename.c
> What is the exact differennce between the USER and FULL versions of Cywin. 
> If i have USER + GCC ,does that equal FULL.

No, FULL means FULL. USER + GCC means you'll be lacking all sorts of
development tools. User tools provide you tools that you use as a "user"
of an Unix style system (ls, cd, shells such as bash, etc); Full gives
you tools to develop code as well (linker, assembler, compiler, etc).

This is a very reasonable question (I'm surprised it's not asked more 
often!), and if this is not in the FAQ, it should be.

Your installation is somehow botched. Without more information, nobody here 
can help, sorry.

You probably have GCC_EXEC_PREFIX defined in the environment (or have GNAT
installed -- if so, please complain to GNAT folks to avoid screwing up the 
rest of the compilers on your system!), or you have not followed the
instructions in installing the compilers.

Provide the following information:
  1. For cygwin, provide the output of cygcheck:
     $ cygcheck -s -r

  2. your environment variables (env in Cygwin, set in DOS/Win9x/NT)
  3. compiler version and some runtime info:
     $ gcc -v filename.c
     provides lots of good information.


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