(Another) newbie problem

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

JRSON@NetZero.Net (John R Hanson) writes:
> No, The compiler and binutils produce and use
> the same input/output whether you are compiling
> for mingw32 or cygwin. Only the startup files,
> libraries and (some) include files need to be kept separate.

There will be some differences starting the next release. I 
just put the finishing touches on thread-safe C++ exceptions 
for Mingw, and that just won't work for "stock" Cygwin. Of
course, if you don't specify -mthreads option (which defines
-D_MT and adds in the thread-safe helper library), it'll be 
the same.

> The ideal setup would be the cygwin gcc/++.exe compiler driver
> and the mingw32 compiler and binutils
> That way you could use symlinks where needed. And still have
> the fast compiler, and tools.

Actually, there are other problems with this setup besides the
quoting issue -- the pathnames have to specially handled by
the driver before passing it on for example. UWIN folks do
this to drive MSVC and there's quite a bit of work to be done
(and I can still break it at will). If you can live with a 
little slowdown due to Cygwin overhead, why not just use a 
Cygwin hosted Mingw targeted toolchain (just install it somewhere 
else, and use PATH to switch to it)? As you can probably guess 
already, I have just the setup. In fact, I'm contemplating 
packaging it up (which takes a finite block of my time, hence 
the contemplation ;-) and putting it up for ftp.

> if you are using mingw32 gcc with -cygwin 
> (does anyone else do this but me?-)

Hey, I know of someone (trying to) build Linux kernel under Cygwin.
so there ;-)


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