Possibilities for ext2fs

Chris Telting telting@sprynet.com
Tue Aug 31 23:49:00 GMT 1999

RE: Possibilities for ext2fs> You may well be correct but that explanation
doesn't account for the fact that
> the only incorrect information in the ls command output is not even
> alphanumeric in type.  It is most probably ULONG or some such and would
> therefore not be affected so much by ASCII/UNICODE file naming
> conventions.  BTW, the filenames display fine AFAICT.
> It may well be the driver (it is just preliminary).  I am not trying to
place any
> blame, this report is just informational for anyone that is or wants to be
> ext2fs.  Warmest regards to all,

The prob is most likely with the os or the driver and so it's most likely
driver is guilty.

There are two versions on FindFirstFile both an A and W version.  I don't
own the microsoft ifs kit by from this problem I'm guessing that the driver
is responcible for both ascii and unicode and as such is likely to be two
seperate versions.  The driver programmer probably didn't fill in the
correct info for the ascii version of the structure where as the unicode
of the function is correct since was probably doing a dir in a dos box to
test the driver and so the missing data in the ascii versions of the
go unnoticed.

I just checked the binaries and cygwin indeed uses the ascii version of the
function.  Cygwin may move to using the unicode functions or it might not.
That's up to the cygnus people but the bug is not in cygwin.  I generally am
opposed to programs compenstating for os and driver bugs since they
probably will be fixed.

May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.

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