New snapshots and old binaries

Earnie Boyd
Tue Aug 31 09:31:00 GMT 1999

--- Jon Maltz <> wrote:
> Well, the simple apps compile and run with the aug30th cygwin1.dll
> snapshot, and coolview's libcygwin.a.  Slightly less simple apps blow up
> with _ctype_ errors (well, a slightly less simple app that happens to
> #include <ctype.h>).
> So can anyone say what the status of b21 is?  This doesn't seem likely to
> get much easier until that is available.
> Jon

The snapshots are close to being b21.  The problem as stated before in this
thread is that you need to get the appropriate libraries and headers installed
as well.  Download the latest cygwin-inst-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz and use those headers
and libraries to build your applications.  NOTICE: Even though the runtime
(cygwin1.dll) is backward compatible the objects and libraries are not.  If you
rebuild a binary you must rebuild all dependencies as well.
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