New snapshots and old binaries

Jon Maltz
Tue Aug 31 07:22:00 GMT 1999


I installed Cygwin b20.1 from a newly downloaded full.exe on a test box,
untar'd Mumit's gcc-2.95, installed coolview, untar'd
gcc-2.95-dev-ss.tar.gz, and compiled the simplest c++ app I could think of.
 While I was previously entertained by a ton of ctype errors, it now
compiles, but won't run.

bash-2.02$ g++ hello.cpp -o test2
bash-2.02$ ./test2
    0       0 [main] g:\cygnus\usr\home\test2.exe 1073 handle_exceptions:
    0   30303 [main] test2 1073 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to

C apps compile and run just fine.


Guess I will have to rebuild gcc-2.95...well, might as well go for 2.95.1

At 03:45 AM 8/31/99 -0400, Charles S. Wilson wrote something like this:
>Jon Maltz wrote:
>> Using Sergey's coolview cygwin1.dll and libcygwin.a, I can't compile
>> anything with Mumit's gcc-2.95, not even something as simple as a Hello,
>> World program.  Sergey said that dll was more b21 compatible than b20, so
>> the question is, how long till b21?
>> Jon
>You must *at least* download the updated gcc libraries to use gcc-2.95
with the
>latest snapshots (e.g. the new coolview). The filename is
>and it's on Mumit's site.

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