AW: Distributing cygwin1.dll

Rotter Klaus
Tue Aug 31 00:11:00 GMT 1999

Chris Faylor wrote:
>>Does the GPL really oblige me to make the source to the Cygnus tools
>>available on my site - which isn't even up yet :-( - in order for me to
>>distribute cygwin1.dll?
>Unfortunately, the licensing of the Cygwin DLL does require this.  If you

If I understand the GPL right, someone don't have to publish the source, instead
if anyone requests the source, he has to give it away. This may include 
sending the sources on CD-ROM and getting a copy fee. So I think there is no 
problem just releasing your program in binary and only providing the source 
for the program, not for the library.

But this is only true if cygwin.dll is under GPL. Maybe cygnus used a modified one.

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