New snapshots and old binaries

Suhaib Siddiqi
Mon Aug 30 08:48:00 GMT 1999

> Chris Faylor wrote:
> > On Sun, Aug 29, 1999 at 03:08:20PM -0400, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> > >Will I need to recompile ALL of these libraries and executables before
> > >my system returns to "normal", or what?
> >
> > If the DLL is named cygwin1.dll it will be backwards compatible.  If the
> > cygwin DLL does not work with a .exe that uses cygwin1.dll then that's a
> > bug in the DLL.
> >
> According to Suhaib:
> ************
> I do not know about /usr/local, but X11R6 needs a recompilation
> or you will
> get a __ctype__ undefined references when linking, uncurses work from
> B20.1.
> You can get X11r6.4 for snapshot from my web site at
> Most of the X11 and motif stuff for cygwin snapshots is available there.
> Jpeg, tiff
> and png will need recompilation.
> ************
> I guess that signifies a bug in cygwin1.dll?

I do not think it is a bug?  In B20.1 it was __ctype
and in recent snapshots, (snapshot starting from mid february 99)
it became __ctype__
I do not know what was the reasoning behind chaning __ctype to __ctype__.

Anyway, I had most of the necessary libs recompiled for snapshots
to avoid __ctype__ issue.


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