CYGWIN environment variable setup

John Buffington
Sat Aug 28 11:46:00 GMT 1999

   I'm a cygwin newbie, and so far I'm having good luck setting up my paths,
and bash startup files, but I'm puzzled by the following excerpt from the
cygwin online

The CYGWIN variable is used to configure many global settings for the Cygwin
runtime system. Initially you can leave CYGWIN unset or set it to tty using a
syntax like this in the DOS shell, before launching bash.
C:\Cygnus\> set CYGWIN=tty notitle strace=0x1

If I put the above line in my cygnus.bat, I get a syntax error from
because of the second equals sign, and the CYGWIN environment variable is not

If I put  "CYGWIN=tty notitle strace=0x1"  in my .profile, I end up with an
variable strace=0x1, but no CYGWIN variable. This seems to give bash a

I've searched the archives for info, but all I've come up with is the
indication that

set CYGWIN=tty

is all that's required.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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