Cygwin NT DDK Project

Thu Aug 26 16:57:00 GMT 1999

"Chris Telting" <> writes:

> That's all that's needed?

The try { } finally { } and try { } except () { } handling that is part of
the SEH. You need SEH if you want to talk to the CacheManager.

> Does anyone actually want this?  I figured that it would be minimal to
> implement if it weren't already implemented.  I personally think that the
> gnu tools would be a superior build environment than currently exists
> with the NT DDK.
It would be good, since people could hack on the code w/o getting ms

> And I'd personally like to see a free nt fs kit; at a minimal all the
> required include headers and import libraries.  Possibly minimal
> documentation of what people have so far figured out indipendently about
> making such drivers.

You are in luck: < >.

I have written the beging a xfs driver (i.e just loads and have a create)
((no, not SGI xfs, one of the other ones, namely the xfs that is part of
arla >)) Guess there will be more
code hacked soon (If I just get the time).


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