B20: Open file on NTFS sets security to unexisting domain/user

Andrzej.Pruszynski@eur.autodesk.com Andrzej.Pruszynski@eur.autodesk.com
Thu Aug 26 03:34:00 GMT 1999

Hi cygwin group,

I applied "19990819" snapshot on my "GNU bash, version 2.02.1(2)-release
(i586-pc-cygwin32)", installed on English NT4.0, SP3.

1/ ==============
How to reproduce the "open file on NTFS" bug:

1. Start bash
2. Change drive to NTFS drive ("cd D:" in my case)
3. Run "touch test.ap"

Now, with Explorer "Properties" of file, you will find that file permissions
are set to three users. In my case it is:
. Everyone
. LEM\Administrators
. NEUCHATEL\andrzejp
and all of them have "Special Access (RWDPO)"

On test1.ap file created with MKSToolkit "touch" command, only "Everyone" is
set with "full" access.

Mind that I'm logged as AUTODESK\andrzejp (NEUCHATEL\andrzejp user was
deleted some time ago).

2/ ==============
Within bash, "ls -l" reports:
-rw-rw-rw-   1 andrzejp Administ        0 Aug 26 09:56 test.ap
-rwxrwxrwx   1 andrzejp Administ        0 Aug 26 09:57 test1.ap

test1.ap was created by touch command from MKS Toolkit. Then "ls -l" from
MKS Toolkit reports:
-rwxrwxrwa   1 NEUCHATEL\andrzejp Administrators                0 Aug 26
09:56 test.ap
-rwxrwxrwa   1 Administrators  AUTODESK\Domain+Users       0 Aug 26 09:57

3/ ==============
So the first problem is that files have unnecessary users/permissions set,
the second that removed or non-active users get permission on created files,
but not the active user.

My current problem is that it is impossible to use rsync program (2.3.1) I
compiled in Cygwin box, as rename will fail for permissions reason.

Andrzej Pruszynski
Sw Lead
Autodesk Sarl, ESC, Neuchatel

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