Fvwm2 and Cygwin

Volker Quetschke quetschke@mpq.mpg.de
Wed Aug 25 10:53:00 GMT 1999


I just installed the binary version of X11R6.4 from Arlindo da Silvas
"Normal" X-clients worked fine from the beginning, but I didn't manage
to start
a window manager (mwm or fvwm2). They all say said something like:

mwm: Error: Another WM is running

Yes, they are right, I am running Windows 98, but is there a possibility
to use
one of them instead/beside Windows?

I didn't find anything in the archives and in the faq, but maybe someone
knows in
this mailing list.

Thank you.

P.S.: I am running Windows 98 and cygwin 20.1, dll from 01/15/1999. 
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