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> I'am trying to port a Program written with MS Developer Studio to
> Cygwin. It uses dialogs and a console window as well. I use the Function
> '_open_osfhandle' and get an undefined reference to that function when I
> try to link.
Why are you porting win32 programs to win32?  The Cygwin project is primarily geared towards porting software already running on un*x OS's to the win32 environment.  So the libraries are set up to include un*x API calls.

> What additional libraries do i need and how must I adress them in the
> gcc -l option? I always get a 'no such file or directory' message, when
> I try to add a library.
You can't link libraries or object files from the Micro$oft format with Cygwin gcc.
Addressing libraries that are Cygwin such as libXYZ.a is done with the switch -LXYZ on the gcc line.
> Cygwin Version is B 20.0.
> Thanks in advance
Your most welcome.
> U. Kaiser

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