How do I list subdirectories?

Clark Sims
Wed Aug 25 06:10:00 GMT 1999


On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 05:25:34   Earnie Boyd wrote:
>---  Clark Sims  <> wrote:
>>  In the FSF version of bash
>> ls -F | egrep *\/
>> listed all of the subdirectories of the current working
>> directory.
>> In the Cygwin version the same command produces no
>> output.
>> How do I list the subdirectories of the current working
>> directory?
>Doesn't the egrep need to be `egrep .*\/'?  The period indicates any character,
>the * indicates any number of the preceding character.  Therefore to match what
>you want you need to specify .* to mean any number of any character.

Nice try but 
ls -F | egrep .*\/ 
doesn't work.
I agree that it ought to. I don't understand why it

However Kim Poulsen found a command that does work:
ls -F | egrep \/

It seems that this is a question on pattern matching.
It seems to me that a directory which is mached by:
should also be matched by

Maybe I will understand the difference in
interpretations as I become more familiar
with Cygwin. Untill then I am stumped.



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