Newbie C questions

Michael Hirmke
Tue Aug 24 13:06:00 GMT 1999

Hi Clark,

> I have written a program for paging. Neither the
>more pipe nor the pg pipe work on my machine. The
>program mypg is ment to replace these programs that
>I don't have. The code compiles and runs fine when

You have "less" instead; no joke - just try it.

>I use the Watcom compiler, but I can't get it to
>compile with the Cygnus port of GCC. The include
>file conio.h is not being found. conio.h exists
>in one of the subdirectories of Cygnus, but GCC

Your setup seems to be, uhm a bit chaotic.
Please paste the output of
   cygcheck -s -v -r 
to a mail to this list. Perhaps we can see, what's
going wrong.

>Thanks in Advance,
>Clark Sims

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