Possibilities for ext2fs

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Title: RE: Possibilities for ext2fs

I have installed the .rar system and have the ext2 file system mounted at bootup.  Mine uses drive F: as the drive it is on.

I have noticed there is a problem when using Cygwin and referring to this drive.  I am using cygwin-b20.1 (ts=12-30-1998).  The problem is that the sizes listed with "ls -l" for normal files is always 0.  For directories the sizes are always multiples of 1024 bytes.

The sizes show properly in CMD.EXE and in explorer, so AFAIK Cygwin is not using the size info properly.  Possible bug that is fixed in a later snapshot?

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> On Mon, Aug 23, 1999 at 01:28:14AM -0700, Chris Telting wrote:
> >I could do it but there is the issue of the whole mount 
> sybsystem under
> >cygwin.  I not fimilular with the implementation of it internally but
> >it might be minimal and need to be redesigned.  Coding it is the easy
> >part.  Politics and design isn't.
> I'm not sure how either politics or design enters into this.
> If you can create a filesystem driver for NT then you don't 
> have to make
> any modifications to cygwin.  The mount/path code in cygwin is not
> *that* complicated.  It's orders of magnitude less complicated than
> linux ext2 code.
> If you're talking about writing a user-level addition to cygwin which
> just "knows" how to access an ext2 file system then I think you're
> widely underestimating the amount of time required for a port.
> I certainly would be interested in seeing this for Cygwin but it seems
> like you have massive amounts of homework ahead of you if you are
> serious about this project.
> I'm willing to assist by setting up a cygwin-ext2 mailing list and ftp
> repository, if that helps.
> -chris
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