Newbie saying HI!

Michael Hirmke
Sun Aug 22 02:49:00 GMT 1999

Hi Chris,

>I just joined the list so I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone.
>My first question is what happened to the directory:

There is a problem with my local ftp server. Since upgrading my Linux
distribution anonymous ftp access is possible, but an ls doesn't show
any files or directories. Because the above mentioned directory on is mirrored from my server here, all the files have been
deleted, because the mirror tool thought, they have been deleted in the
source directory, too 8-/
I'm about to figure out, how I can get around this problem - but please
be patient, it seems to be a bit difficult. If anyone has any idea on how
to solve this problem - suggestions are welcome.
Meanwhile you can get my ports via http from

But be aware - this is behind a leased line with only 33.6K, so it might
be very slow!

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Michael Hirmke           | Telefon +49 (911) 557999
Georg-Strobel-Strasse 81 | FAX     +49 (911) 557664
90489 Nuernberg          | E-Mail
                         | WWW

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