Newbie saying HI!

Chris Telting
Sun Aug 22 00:03:00 GMT 1999

I just joined the list so I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone.

My first question is what happened to the directory:
It's empty.

I downloaded a man package and have compiled it though I'm still trying to
figure out how the configure script works.  One of the problems I see is
the the Makefiles generated don't know about the .exe extentions.  Is there
any general option in the configure scripts which would correctly handle the
.exe extensions?

Are there any orientation tutorials which can get someone fimilular with
wintel development up to speed with the gnu dev tools? Especially
configure/etc..  How about general guidelines for porting gnu programs?

I love to play with dirrerent fs hierarchy structures.  Which lines of which
should I look for when I want to change where files go?  I am vaguely
with autoconif and configure scripts.  What change do most of you make to
redirect where programs and config files are installed and assumed to be?

I'm curious why man wasn't included in the cygwin user tools?  The files are
there but not man.exe itself although it can be had through someone else.
Man is essential for developing in order to figure out various function

Has there been any thought about a wholy native specialized version of gcc
under win32?    GCC is looking more and more attractive for development
win32 or any operating system.   I know it would be alot of work but I'm
if anyone has any whimsical thoughts about it.

May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.

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