Cursors do not work in bash under Win98

Paul Sokolovsky
Sat Aug 21 11:49:00 GMT 1999

Hello Nuno,

Nuno Bandeira <> wrote:

>>     It is known issue and really FAQ here. NEVER-EVER use m$
>> localizers
NB>   Well, it _is_ boring to see the same questions asked again and again, and
NB> if this is the case, then this should be a good candidate for inclusion in
NB> the FAQ (any FAQ mantainers here?)... As I said in my original posting I
NB> _did_ searched through the FAQ and message archives with no success, so
NB> thanks for bearing with this question _again_.

NB>   Nevertheless, I would be a much happier person if I could understand your
NB> answer :). Where is the default localizer configured and how could I
NB> reconfigure it ?  Any man pages, helps, FAQs or howtos on this ?

    Ok, what about something like this?
Q: Why cursor keys doesn't work under Win95/Win98?
A: Careful examination shows that they not just non-functional, but
rather behave strangely, for example, with NumLock off, keys on numeric
keyboard work, until you press usual cursor keys, when even numeric
stop working, but they start working again after hitting alphanumeric
key, etc. This reported to happen on localized versions of Win98 and
Win95, and not specific to Cygwin (there're known cases of Alt+Enter
(fullscreen/windowed toggle) not working and shifts sticking with
other programs). The cause of this problem is Miscrosoft keyboard
localizer which by default installed in 'autoexec.bat'. Corresponding
line looks like:

           keyb ru,,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\keybrd3.sys

(That's for russian locale.) You should comment that line if you want
your keys working properly. Of course, this will deprive you of your
local alphabet keyboard support, so you should think about
another localizer. exUSSR users are of course knowledgable of Keyrus
localizer, and it might work for other locales too, since it has keyboard
layout editor. But it has russian messages and documentation ;-(
Reference URL is
(note the you may need to turn off Windows logo for Keyrus to operate

    Not for FAQ: so that's right solution, IMHO, - bugs should be
corrected where they come from from. However, I know at least one
program which works properly with keyb (oh, well, forget to say that
my own code suffers that problem too and I saw that PeekConsoleInput()
really doesn't respond to cursor key press!). Sergey Okhapkin is
probably person to ask - he's author of my code and told he knows how
to do it right.

NB>   Best regards,

NB> ---
NB> Nuno Bandeira

Best regards,

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