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Fri Aug 20 14:27:00 GMT 1999

The information in this message is private and confidential and is intended for the addressed 
recipient only. You are receiving this special offer because your address was provided as someone 
who might be interested in receiving investment news and opportunities. If you wish to be 
excluded from any future mailings and/or not interested in the offer or you think you received it 
by an error*, simply erase this message. 


Dear Friend, Due to a copyrights filing requirement we can only send out a limited number of 
invitations to work. We are offering a full or part-time position in various industries. As to 
the salary, it's totally up to you, as you will be running your own business, the sky is the 
limit. What you will see represents a completely legal money making businesses that anyone can 
run to generate a significant residual income. 

You will get unique opportunities. This is a genuine offer, not a chain letter, money-game, 
telecom scheme, or any of the multitudes of dubious "business" offers that come through your 
email box. These business opportunities will easily generate a residual income of $2,000 to 
$6,000 every month with only a part-time commitment (about 10 hours per week). A full-time 
commitment (about 30 hours per week), based on statistics gathered from our current clients (and 
my own personal experience), will translate into an income of $10,000 or more per month!

This is the only source for legitimate information with a potential to become a successful 
independently wealthy person. Please do not confuse our offer with illegal chain letter schemes 
and neither is our offer an invitation to participate in a multi-level or network marketing 

Our program is the most legitimate, realistic independent job opportunities available today! 

As we are only accepting a limited number of requests for Employment Guide and Kit in a given 
month, therefore hurry to get yours as soon as possible.

The reason we charge you for this offer is because we are looking for serious people, who know 
what they want and are looking for a job to start immediately.  Otherwise, we would be loosing 
money sending our packages just to anyone who responded to the offer.
(Your initial fee, in 94% of the cases, is fully refundable and/or doubled, depending on the type 
of work you will choose.)

If you are interested in the above offer please print and fill out the form below and mail to the 
address indicated:




[____] I am enclosing $28 U.S.(includes $4.95 Shipping & Handling) for my Employment Guide and 
Kit so I can start exploring the opportunities right away. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

[____] Money Order 

(No US Postal Money Order)

[____] Cashier Check

Send To: 

TYSS Company 

Processing Dpt Offer-2101 

15500 Erwin Street, Suite 104 

Van Nuys, Ca 91411


Also, if we receive your response in 5 business days you will receive a free bonus - our 
exclusive Internet for Free brochure, valued $35 or more!


* residents of Washington State

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