Command Live vs. Makefile command

Phil LaVallee
Fri Aug 20 10:03:00 GMT 1999

	Does anyone have any ideas why the following Bourne shell
"script" works from the command line but when passed into the shell from
a makefile crashes.

[host=PHIL] make target
if [ ! -d nt ] ; then echo NO; fi
! was unexpected at this time.
make: *** [target] Error 0x1

[host=PHIL] cat -t -v -e makefile
target : $
^Iif [ ! -d nt ] ; then echo NO; fi$

[host=PHIL] if [ ! -d nt ] ; then echo NO; fi

	This installation was done prior to my arrival so I suspect it
may be some environmental/setup issues but I'm not sure. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


Phillip E. LaVallee
Software Configuration Management Engineer
Ignitus Communications
(978) 929-9133 x353

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