cygwin vs. MKS Toolkit

Suhaib Siddiqi
Fri Aug 20 06:30:00 GMT 1999

$75 is too much, whose code was not written initially by MKS.  They are 
utils from GNU binutils.  Available from many places as 

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  Toolkit Thanks Suhaib, 
  That's *exactly* why I'm asking.  It's on sale for like $128. btw at until October (with $75. rebate). 
  MKS Toolkit is collection of bunch of GNU utilities, which are already
part of Cygwin.  I am not sure why would you like to pay 200 buck for
something GNU utils which are available free from several places on
Internet, including source code from GNU itself.  I am also not sure how MKS
charge for those utilities which were written by GNU, like sh, sed and ls
etc etc.

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