Cursors do not work in bash under Win98

Paul Sokolovsky
Fri Aug 20 03:05:00 GMT 1999

Hello Michael,

Michael Weiser <> wrote:

>>  What happens is that whenever I run bash using the standard supplied cygnus
>>icon, everything works just fine (environment, bashrc, HOME) except the cursor
>>keys... I can't edit my command line neither browse through bash's history.
MW> To Cygwin developers: Is this a known issue or should I compile some
MW> information about it and send it to you?

    It is known issue and really FAQ here. NEVER-EVER use m$
localizers for your console font/keyboard layout (keyb and stuff)!
Use your favorite local localizer you used last 10 years
(keyrus for cyrillic, for example). (It doesn't mean you won't have
problems with it, but probably problems won't be so stupid as
inability to use cursor keys).

MW> bye, Michael

Best regards,

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