FW: Description of the new 'ntsec' feature

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@ipass.net
Thu Aug 19 09:37:00 GMT 1999

> >snapshots).  Mostly I see this message (proc_info_signal 1000)
> >when MAKE finishes compilation job.
> You're going to have to provide an actual error message, Suhaib.
> The string proc_info_signal does not show up anywhere in cygwin.
> There is a proc_info structure and a sig_send function.  The sig_send
> function could emit errors in some situations.  This is probably what
> you're seeing and is probably what we need to track down.
> cgf

Sorry Chris, my poor memory of remembering the exact langauge.  I did post a
cut and pawst later in responbse to Corinna's post.
If you have not received it, please let me know, I will report it.


> >>If you still are having problems then they're probably not due to
> >>ntsec.  There's probably a bug in cygwin from something *I've* done.

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