FW: Description of the new 'ntsec' feature

Corinna Vinschen corinna@vinschen.de
Thu Aug 19 07:00:00 GMT 1999

Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
> [...]
> I agree.  At the present time, I am down to only 2 people support for Xfree,
> myself and John Fortin.  All the Cygwin (9 users) who were willing to help
> and contribute have backed off.  i guess after looking at 100 MB of source
> code and a lot of Assembly code in xfree/os-support
> most of them decided to take off instead of attempting to play with 10s MB
> of Assembly code.

I'm really interested in this xfree port but I'm sure that I can't help.
My knowledge in graphics software algorithms is very restricted. I'm
_really_ happy that I'm able to use MFC (and Quickdraw on the Mac in
these "early days") though I don't use it with pleasure. Unfortunately
I never had a big chance to learn X. My private tries were stuck in
programming a Motif "Hello, World" clone :-))

> [...]
> > - Are the choosen security settings adequate?
> At least a brief overview on Cygwin Web pages would help.

That was one of the reasons for publishing the document: It describes
settings that are made, especially the deverging settings for the admin
group. Did you read the document? Comments? 

> [...]
> Sorry, cannot contribute patches for it.  I have a very limited knowledge on
> security code you wrote ;-)

See above :-)


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