Structured exception handligh update

K. Haley
Wed Aug 18 01:03:00 GMT 1999

Here is an example of windows structured exception handling compiled with 
gcc.  This will only run under mingw at present since I don't know how to 
properly unwind the stack.  The attached tar ball contains a header file 
that defines __try, __except, and __finally.  There is also a required 
exception handler and a test file.  Hopefully this code will help in the 
addition of compiler level support for these functions.

The msvc defined _except_handler3 could not be used because it resets 
%ebp=&vcer._ebp  instead of to the value it contains.  This requires that 
the  compiler place the registration structure on the stack directly after 
pushing %ebp.  Other than this it is compatible.
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