Canadian build of Insight

Chris Faylor
Tue Aug 17 19:59:00 GMT 1999

On Wed, Aug 18, 1999 at 10:06:16AM +1000, Brendan Simon wrote:
>>I downloaded insight-19990802.tar.gz last night and manged to compile a
>>native linux version and a native-powerpc-eabi version (ie.
>>cross-debugger running on linux but targeting powerpc-eabi).  Great.
>>I tried doing a Canadian build (build=i586-linux, host=i586-cygwin32,
>>target=powerpc-eabi).  It eventually died complaining that it couldn't
>>find termcap.h or tcap.h (one of these anyway).  Now I'm not sure if I
>>configured it wrong or am missing a file.  I think I used the
>following configure options
>>--with-newlib) which may have confused it.  Do I need to use these
>>options ?  Does the canadian build use the header files from the native
>>cross-tools directories (eg.  /usr/local/gcc/powerpc-eabi/include in my
>>case) ?
>James Ingham replied with:
>>Anyway, newer versions of readline use termcap, so you will have to
>>have the termcap libraries in the target support for your cross
>>compiler.  Newer versions of Cygwin do include it (like the snapshots
>>from sourceware) so you should be able to copy the libtermcap bits from
>>there.  There should be appropriate configury bits there as

Actually, the B20.1 sources should include the libtermcap directory.
Are you saying that it isn't there?

>I had a look on the sourceware for the new cygwin sources.  I found
>lots of snapshots around 4MB in size.  I built my cygwin cross compiler
>following Mumit Khan's howto.  It said to download the Cygwin dev
>sources which are around 27MB in size.  I thought I needed an update of
>this but there is only one on sourceware and it is quite old (the same
>one that I have already got).  What is the difference between the dev
>sources and the other snapshot soureces ?  Which ones do I need to
>build an up to date cygwin package on a Linux host ?  I want to be able
>to build the latest Insight code.  Are there any other pacages I need.
>I don't really want to build on a Win32 box, but would like to know if
>any extra packages are required to do this (just incase I get real

I'm not sure why you're not just downloading the prebuilt binaries
from Mumit's site.  It would save you a lot of time, it seems.


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