post b20.1: How to disable umask and access UNC path
Mon Aug 16 05:38:00 GMT 1999

 ---- Earnie Boyd wrote: 
 > Hmm.  How are you connecting to a different computer to create the file?  Is
> that via the "Map Drive" function?  
In my particular case I use
net use \\ip-address\share-name password /user:username
or simply 
net use \\ip-address\share-name 
in the case if username and password are the same.

In that way you can connect to an arbitratry compuetrs
any number of times (well, number of drive letters) 
simultaneously under different names.

>Couldn't that be considered an "NFS
> mounted" directory in unix?  Files created via NFS mounts have the properties
> of the user for that host not the host and owner of the filesystem.

In NT by default files on a remote computer are ownerd under a user name you use to connect to the remote system. So it is just opposite to NFS and IMO this is the only reasonable behavior in NT world.

Regards, Igor Boukanov

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