Screen-3.7.6 on Cygwin

Glenn Spell
Sat Aug 14 11:22:00 GMT 1999

Attached is a bzipped tarball of three files:

    1) screen-3.7.6-cygwin.diff
This is a patch to screen-3.7.6 that allows it to configure, build,
and run on Cygwin. It relies on Sergey's AF_UNIX patch and requires
either the latest CoolView DLL and library or the not-yet-available
latest Cygwin snapshot.

    2) screen-dot-screenrc
This is an example ".screenrc" for the user's home directory. It
includes assignment of Win95 Function Keys to select windows.

    3) screen-etc-termcap
This is a complete copy of my /etc/termcap file. It allows screen
to recognize and use a TERM of "cygwin" when compiled with termcap.

Using the 990809 snapshot with the AF_UNIX patch applied on Win95,
the display doesn't update properly with "tty" set. "notty" seems
to work OK but the display is slower than what I'm used to.

In the configure checks for sockets and select, I've disabled part
of it to prevent stackdumps. Perhaps someone can figure out how
to change it rather than disable it.

Users of WinNT may want to back out the changes to "screen.c".
'Screen' makes heavy use of Unix permissions and most of that code
doesn't work on Win95. The changes to "screen.c" allow it to run
but session management doesn't work. I'm interested in knowing if
any of that works on WinNT.

All comments, suggestions, feedback, and changes are welcome.


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