Unix make mode and Java on NT

Thomas Cherel thomas.cherel@ardentsoftware.com
Fri Aug 13 11:21:00 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I'm new with cygwin and I'm currently trying to write a Makefile NT/Unix
compatible to compile a java application.
Here is a couple of things I had to do or which are causing me problems.
Anybody has any ideas to make it better or work, specially point 3) ?
Thanks in advance.

1) For the CLASSPATH, I already have a PATH_SEPARATOR macro which is ; on NT
and : on Unix

2) All the home directories for software can use the / as the path separator
and on NT, I just have the drive letter in front of it. for example, the
home for jdk:

	on NT: JAVA_HOME=D:/Software/jdk1.1.8
	on Unix: JAVA_HOME=/usr/java1.1

3) The real blocking problem is when, for a product, I need some stuff in my
PATH and in CLASSPATH. For example, I want JAVA_HOME/bin in my path and
JAVA_HOME/lib/classes.zip in the CLASSPATH. On NT, the JAVA_HOME as written
above will work in the CLASSPATH but not in the PATH (due to the D:). I
tried to mount D: on /d, but then it is not working anymore in the
I'd love not to have to macros for JAVA_HOME, one for the CLASSPATH and one
for the PATH.
Any ideas ??

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