Newbie Link problem. (win 98)

Gary Powell
Thu Aug 12 12:03:00 GMT 1999

  I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

  First, I am evaluating the cygnus tools and specifically gcc 2.95 for use
at my company Sierra.

  I have a fairly simple bit of code which I am trying to link. I have read
all the documentation on the Cygnus site that I could find relating to this
and either I am really dumb, lacking in caffeine or its not obvious.

Sample code:

#include <iostream>
int main(int, char **)
  std::cout << "Hello world" << std::endl;

  return 1;

if I use

g++ -o hello.exe -mpentium hello.cpp

I get link errors, about missing ostream stuff.

So I've added the specific libraries, -lstdc++ -lc

and now I'm missing only sysconf and sbrk. I tried adding 
-lmmalloc to the end of the library list
and it only created more missing calls. getpagesize, and _kill

I've also tried adding the mingw code and adding mingw32, then
shell32, then kernel32 (Even though I found documentation telling me
specifically not to include this one, I was getting desperate) and msvcrt

  Can you please either point me to the proper place to ask this question,
or tell me what library I'm missing. Or that its impossible, so I'll quit
banging my head on the keyboard.

  Thank you for your patience.


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