binutils development snapshot binaries [Re: Dlls @n symbols ]

Wed Aug 11 13:47:00 GMT 1999

>Well, since you're willing to deal with experimental code, pick up my
>precompiled mingw/cygwin binutils binaries, currently based on 1999-08-08
>CVS + small local changes [omissis]

Thank you for the binaries!

I tested them with egcs 1.1.2 and gcc 2.95 but the result is the same.

It may be either my DEF files are wrong, or ld does not see the forwarded 

In short, I have something like the following


After understanding that STDCALL name decoration applies also to imported 
symbols and aliases' origins, I did get no more the ld error message 
"unresolved HeapReAlloc@16". But now I get a new message: "unresolved 
RtlReallocateHeap@16" (and I link with ntdll.a...).

Well, the DEF syntax seems correct now (I have a doubt about alising in the 
IMPORTS section), but I can not understand what's missing during linking. 
Yes some more experimenting is needed, since may be simply a mistake by me 
(also tested linking with the same exports object for the library I am 


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