migrate special directories.

José Raúl de Prado Mediavilla jpramed@ribera.tel.uva.es
Wed Aug 11 08:34:00 GMT 1999


        I have to migrate a application from UNIX to
Windows. I have found some directories like sys/ that do not
exist in Windows and I do not have any idea about how can I solve it.
        If someone knows how can I do it or can give me a idea
about it, please mail me to de addresses below.

        Thanks you.                                                          
**             JOSE RAUL DE PRADO MEDIAVILLA                **
** -------------------------------------------------------- **
** Escuela Tecnica Superior Ingenieros de Telecomunicacion. **
** Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes-Universidad de Valladolid **
**                    VALLADOLID (SPAIN)                    **
** E-mail:          jpramed@ribera.tel.uva.es               **
**	              jprado@gsi.dit.upm.es                 **
** URL:             http://www.tel.uva.es/~jpramed          **

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