controle over startup window

Jim Roy
Mon Aug 9 10:12:00 GMT 1999

Using mingw32, do I have any controle over what sort of window
my .exe expects to run in?

Specifically, my pgm is designed to be run from within a
third party shell.  The shell has a function that takes as arguments,
my pgm name, command line parameters, and some flags which
specifiy that the pgm is "dos", "windows", or "exe", and
whether it should come up iconized, full screen, or in a
window.  The flags have no effect on my pgm, whatsoever -
it always flashes a dos window for a second on start up,
even when no output is produced.  Otherwise it works
fine, both stand alone and from within the shell.

I would be most grateful for any thoughts on:

a:  what part of the windows system the shell call might be using
b:  what can I do to influence how my program start up.

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