Memory Violation With Windres and Shared Data Segments

Harold Weissfield
Fri Aug 6 20:25:00 GMT 1999

>I believe the only difference is that it has the "SHARED" bit set in
>the section attributes, in addition to the usual initialized data,
>read-write, etc flags.
>Can someone send me a testcase so I can see if my local changes fix this
>or not? If it's obvious already, I know nothing about these shared

Thank you for your help, Mumit, Chris, and Anders.  I will try to experiment 
around with the information that you guys have provided, and I shall reply 
back if I find any favorable results.

In case you are wondering why I'm doing this, I am writing a shell 
replacement for Explorer for our lab at school, and one of the 
implementation details involves creating a global hook using 
SetWindowsHookEx().  Unfortunately, the requirements for having such a hook 
involve having a shared data segment in a DLL, so that is the dilema that I 
am presently trying to solve.

Mumit, I am not aware of the proper procedures for submitting code, so 
forgive me if my approach is mistaken.  During the process of developing 
this shell, I noticed that the following notification messages for the 
appbar were not in shellapi.h

#define ABN_STATECHANGE    0x0000000
#define ABN_POSCHANGED     0x0000001
#define ABN_FULLSCREENAPP  0x0000002
#define ABN_WINDOWARRANGE  0x0000003

Please feel free to add them to the headers at your convenience.  Meanwhile, 
I thank you once again, and I shall get busy on my coding.

Harold Weissfield

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