Where are the TIOCM defines in Cygwin ???

Philippe Noel pnoel@socoint.com
Thu Aug 5 09:11:00 GMT 1999


My name is Philippe Noel.  I'm a fresh new reader of your mailing-list. :)
I'm currently porting a Linux application on WinNT using Cygwin-b20.

I have a problem compiling my application: Every TIOCM defines that are
defined in /usr/include/asm/termios.h and /usr/include/ioctl-types.h under
Linux, are not in Cygwin-b20.

The defines I'm using are the following:

ioctls.h:#define TIOCMGET       0x5415
ioctls.h:#define TIOCMSET       0x5418
ioctls.h:#define TIOCMIWAIT     0x545C

termios.h:#define TIOCM_DTR     0x002
termios.h:#define TIOCM_RTS     0x004
termios.h:#define TIOCM_CTS     0x020
termios.h:#define TIOCM_CAR     0x040
termios.h:#define TIOCM_RNG     0x080
termios.h:#define TIOCM_DSR     0x100
termios.h:#define TIOCM_CD      TIOCM_CAR

Is it something obsolete?  Or something not supported by Cygwin?

The only function I'm calling is "ioctl".  Is this function partially
supported or I only need to copy these defines in my source code?


P H I L I P P E   N O E L
Socomar International (1995) inc.

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