ADMINISTRIVIA: spam blocking policy

Chris Faylor
Mon Aug 2 13:15:00 GMT 1999

I've received a few requests in the last several days from people who
would like me to forward their notes to the cygwin mailing list since
our mailing list software is blocking their submissions.

So, I've come up with the form letter below.  I thought that I would post
it to the list so that everyone can see it and know what my policy is.



You're recently sent me email which indicated that you are unable to
post something to one of the cygwin mailing lists due to the fact that
your internet service provider is referenced by the ORBS database.

I greatly regret that this has happened to you and would like to point
you to the following reference which has a brief explanation concerning
why you are blocked and what you can do about it:

I also regret that I cannot act as a mail gateway to forward your
personal email to the list.  The intent of mailing list administrator
(not me, btw) in instituting this spam blocking method was to reduce the
spam traffic to the external mailing lists that Cygnus sponsors.  The
intent was not to set me up as a human gateway interface.

I am *really* sorry about this.  I will certainly accept personal patch
submissions, as I have always have, but I really do not have the time or
the inclination to essentially act as a moderator to either of the
cygwin mailing lists.

I have no objections at all if someone else on the mailing list is
willing to perform this service.  It just will not be me.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience that this spam blocking policy
has caused and hope that you can see that we've set this up to benefit
the greater whole of the mailing list members.  I *urge* you to pester
your provider to fix their problems so that the Internet will be
less spam-friendly.  ISPs do listen but sometimes you have to insist.

Chris Faylor

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