[Q]: Linking against DLLs.

Steve McAndrewSmith steve@finagle.org
Mon Aug 2 10:02:00 GMT 1999

I would think that this would be a FAQ (and forgive me if it is, and I
just haven't seen it), but how do you link against thrid-party DLLs? 
CygWin includes import libraries for most/all of the standard Win32
libraries, but what would it take to make an import library for any
random DLL? 

Specificaly, I'm trying to build a Ming application against Tcl/Tk
8.0.5.  Yes, I know there are ports out there (and I may have to use
one), but a bit of my code is 8.0.5-specific, and I don't want to port
it up to a later version just yet -- I'd like to get it to work as-is
for now, plus, I don't trust 8.1+.

Anything I can do about this?  Plus, while I'm here, what exactly does
the "-mwindows" flag do?  What relation does it have to "-mno-cygwin"?

Thanks for any help (including "you're screwed - upgrade", if that's


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