symlinks don't work on samba mounted dir

Samuel James Liddicott
Sat Mar 28 02:34:00 GMT 1998

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From: Stuart Adams <>
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Date: 27 March 1998 04:22
Subject: symlinks don't work on samba mounted dir

>Symlinks don't seem to work on a remote (samba)
>mounted file system. If I do ln -s a b, then say cat b
>I get !<symlink>a.
>I mounted the dir with:
>  mount -b m:/gnu /gnu

Of course.  Cygwin symlinks are fake symlinks that cygwin understands.
Samba doesn't allow creation of symlinks by Samba clients.  But this is OK,
because Cygwin makes normal files but with magic contents so it can detect
that the file is symlink.

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