What's the best (easiest) way to view man pages?

Weiqi Gao weiqigao@a.crl.com
Sat Jan 31 19:34:00 GMT 1998

Michael Hirmke wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> >I have a package I need to use for school that has all its documentation in
> >man pages. The tools compile and run under CygWin, but I need to view the
> >documentation. There is no man viewer in CygWin, at least none that I can
> >get to work. Is there any way to view these pages other than a text editor,
> >(it's almost impossible to read them that way). The groff package was
> >supposed to contain a man implementation, but alas there was none.
> >Suggestions?
> No, the groff package is necessary for man, it doesn't contain it.
> There is no real man port for Cygnus, but I have one here, that works -
> don't know, where I got it from.
> You have to compile groff, ncurses and less before you can get it to
> work perfectly. If you want to leave out ncurses and less, you have to
> get a different pager like more and change man.config.
> If anyone ist interested in this package - get it from my ftp site
> here:
>         ftp://minimike.franken.de/pub/system/UnixOnW32
> The package name is man-1.4h-NT.bin.zip
> >
> >I would think man would be a high priority for CygWin. Emacs and vi be
> >damned--we already have more text editors than we can handle under Win32. We
> >need a man page viewer.

Long before groff was ported to DOS via DJGPP, I used a program called
cawf.  It is roughly equivalent to "nroff -man".  It is still available

Weiqi Gao
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