What's the best (easiest) way to view man pages?

Tim Fisher tfisher@teamparadigm.com
Sat Jan 31 18:33:00 GMT 1998

Unfortunately, I've tried that. I did manage to compile groff, ncurses, and
less. However, less can only display one screenful before it dies. It
doesn't crash exactly, but it screws up the screen enough so that it becomes
a royal pain to deal with.

I was hoping there might be either a version of man that doesn't depend on
less, or maybe some other program I've never heard of that can read
man-format files (and display them properly). Since I've never actually seen
a version of man that didn't' use more/less, I'm not real optimistic on that
one. I have a feeling man will never work right until less works right.

Maybe less will run better under b18 of Cygwin. Until then, I've set up an
el-cheapo Linux box in the corner that I can telnet to so to read man pages,

--Tim Fisher

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