/etc/profile ignored; other strangeness

vischne@ibm.net vischne@ibm.net
Sat Jan 31 16:46:00 GMT 1998

>   Kjeld.F.Christensen@dxd.ericsson.se wrote:
>> 1) Seems like bash ignores /etc/profile, so I have to explicitly
>source it from
>> the /etc/bashrc file. I don't have to do this in Linux. Is this by
>design, or
>> am I doing something wrong here?
>I use the -login option to bash.
Actually, you are supposed to put all the /etc/profile stuff into either
your WinDos autoexec.bat file or your /root/.bashrc file.

I've been complaining about copy and paste operations into cygwin text
windows, but now I know the truth:  It's a Microsoft problem, not a
cygnus problem.  If you don't believe me, try to paste something into
the Dos text window of the ftp.exe that comes with Windows 95. It doesn't
work.  (Like, copy a file name and paste the file name into a `get ' 
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